Turn the Page on 2020; Securing Semiconductors; US-Russia Talks; Nord Stream 2 Votes; Future of the LCS

The Threat of Political Violence; Latest on Russia-Ukraine; Unrest in Kazakhstan; Setting Space Policy; and What’s Next on Climate

Looking ahead to 2020; Putin’s Demands; Russian Domestic Support; Drone Swarms; Reflections on Pearl Harbor & Japan’s Strategic Position

NDAA Haggling; “M” Speaks; Tackling Kleptocracy

Recognizing the Competition; Fixing Pentagon Waste; Putin’s Remarks on Red Lines and Rapprochement; Japan’s Nascent Economic Security Strategy

Xi’s Model & Democracy’s Challenge; US-EU Trade Rapprochement; Global Perspective on U.S.-China Climate Deal

Virginia’s Election, CIA Director in Moscow, Japan’s Election, Drone Proliferation, Results Needed from COP26

Compete with China on Climate; Space Norms & Behavior; Digital Tax Agreement; Politics of Immigration

Center for the Study of the Presidency & Congress

CSPC is a 501(c)3, non-partisan organization that seeks to apply lessons of history and leadership to today's challenges

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